My Brian

I drew this picture of Brian a while ago as part of his Valentine present. I’m very grateful and lucky to have him.


Pipes that flow nowhere

For this first version I was primarily concerned with making the piies look round, and I didn’t consider the angle of the light until the very end.

I’ll try this again, later, thinking of the light throughout.

Another D10

I think this is an improvement on the previous d10, which I felt didn’t look quite right.

The first attempt I tried drawing the sides of the die, but this time I drew the outline of the die itself and added the sides in that frame, and it looks much better I think.

I still see some wrong angles, but overall I am happy with this progress.

Dice are tricky

Here’s a first try drawing RPG polyhedral dice. I feel like this was much harder than I expected. Everything looks squashed and my white colored pencil wasn’t an effective way to add the numbers.

It’s hard to stop seeing the regular shapes and instead see the in-perspective warped shapes of the sides of the dice. I tried to capture the worn corners. Not sure how well I succeeded.

I expect to do this again probably several times before I start feeling satisfied.

I’m noticing substantial differences between the shadows I drew and the shadow that the dice actually cast. Those differences are due to the camera being placed differently from where my head was when I drew the things.